RAF Flying Ranks

Decoration Rank RAF662 Usage
  RAF Observer's Wings Presented upon cadet entry
  RAF Navigators's Wings Presented upon cadet entry
  RAF Pilot's Wings Presented upon membership entry
Leading Aircraftman (RNZAF)
Corporal (Volunteer Reserve)
  Sergeant (Auxiliary)
  Flight Sergeant (Canada)
  Warrant Officer 2nd Class
  Warrant Officer 1st Class
  Pilot Officer Presented upon membership entry, initial rank
  Flying Officer
  Flight Lieutenant (RAAF)
  Squadron Leader Presented upon promotion to squad leader duty
  Wing Commander Presented upon promotion to wing commander duty
  Group Captain
  Air Commodor
  Air Vice-Marshal
  Air Marshal Presented upon promotion to membership in the Air Council
  Air Chief Marshal
  Marshal of the RAF Group commander in chief
  Cap Other Ranks
  Cap Other Commissioned Ranks
  Cap Air Ranks
  Cap Group Captain

Royal Tank Corps Ranks - TBD

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