RAF_Grover - Rest in Peace

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RAF_Grover - Rest in Peace

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Wed Aug 25, 2021 11:49 pm

With deepest regrets, flags will be flying at half-mast until further notice.

RAF_Grover (Harry Postlethwaite) has sadly passed away this past Friday.

I can attest to his character, humility, humor, honor, decency and amazing history. What a wonderful fellow, and a true gentleman. Being a former cyclist, Harry and I had much in common. Story goes, from him, that his online call-sign (RAF_Grover) is derived from a cycling team he rode on in England back in the day. I can picture him sailing down the country lanes. He related stories to me about living thru the blitz, being on stage performing as a child star, and serving in the RAF. I enjoyed his stories, and camaraderie very very much.

He was quick with a chuckle, and self-effacing always.

When Harry was getting on in years, online flying became sadly more and more difficult for him - due to uncooperative hands. He was clear about this, and faced it by continuing to attend events just to chat and laugh with us! When the group took up a collection to send him rudder pedals to help ease the strain on his hands, Harry tried them but found them as well, too difficult on his knees. In true form, he humbly decided he could not rightfully keep them, if not to be used. It wouldn't be right. He insisted we take them back to be used by others who may find them helpful. He was True class, True humility.

Thank you, Harry for your company. I learned a lot from you, and I will miss you.

S! and please take a moment to put Harry and his family in your prayers.

From his son, Brent, posted on facebook:

It is with great sadness that I must report that your old comrade Harry went West on friday morning.
He had his breakfast, climbed in his Spitfire and slipped the surly bonds.
Being a part of the Squadron was a really big deal for him and I want to thank you, his friends for making it his dream come true.
His favourite mission, fondly recalled to me was the Mosquito prison break-out.
Per ardua ad astra dad.đź’™
William Henry Postlethwaite. 1928-2021.

RAF662 CFSG C-in-C

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Re: RAF_Grover - Rest in Peace

Postby RAF_Beerbuzz » Tue Sep 21, 2021 3:40 am

Truly sad news. RAF_Grover was a big part in my first years into RAF. He was quite active in flying until it became more difficult but he was always on comms with a great stories and a hearty laugh. One of my favorite stories was how he came to America and one of his favorite beers was National Bohemia which gave me a chuckle since there are so many great beers in Europe. He will be truly missed and I have missed talking to him over these past years. R.I.P. Harry.
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Re: RAF_Grover - Rest in Peace

Postby RAF_Ddave » Sun Sep 26, 2021 5:02 pm

S! Harry has flown West, what huge part of my RAF662 experience. It was always a pleasure to hear his voice and his comments. I spent many hours online flying with him and teaching him how to build scenery and missions, he was an integral part of the old RAFers. He was truly a civilized man and a gentleman and he will be missed but like Abby and Samson, and the others who have gone before, never to be forgotten. S! RAF_Grover.

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