Nostalgia Post: Anyone remember RAF_Whiskey?

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Nostalgia Post: Anyone remember RAF_Whiskey?

Postby RAF_Whiskey » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:49 pm

S! All,

Just had a drop of nostalgia and came back to happily see this group is still around! I am/was RAF_Whiskey. I joined this group in 1999. I remember being on a 56k modem logging into MSN gaming zone to play CFS and practice our landings on Ark Royal using Sopwith Camels. Looking through the list I see some familiar names, X-ray, Hollywood, DaddyO. I remember another guy, OldBuzzard, but don't see him on here. I remember building my first computer at 12 years old and playing with you guys, using Roger Wilco (probably the worst squeaker ever), and had a great time all the way through CFS2 before I started chasing girls instead of 109's and Zero's... Anyway, I'm 30 now and attorney. I'm married and my wife is currently pregnant. Times change but I'm happy to see this group is still around, great memories...

Hope to see you guys around. Find me on Steam: EscFish, picture is of a P51.

I guess people write o7 now but for me it will always be S!

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Re: Nostalgia Post: Anyone remember RAF_Whiskey?

Postby RAF_Loke » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:19 pm

S! Whiskey.

I think I still have your crest some where.

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Re: Nostalgia Post: Anyone remember RAF_Whiskey?

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:18 pm

S! Hey Whiskey,
Glad u found us! Yup, still ticking over here, through some changes to our address, and a new site! Some gone, some still around. We're playing some new games of course (IL2 is now very tired and not much traffic, nor CFS), but we have a fair amount of traffic on new games: DCS World, Battle of Stalingrad, Rise of flight, World of tanks, and even a race-driving game going on! Welcome back, and stay with us on the boards!

PS - please PM me either on forums PM here, or on the email support link at the contact us link, if you wish to reclaim your old RAF_ tags back! Once an RAF'er, you know...we can make this happen. During the change over of site management, unfortunately, we lost most all of the old content in favor of this new site, and we have to make you a new ID, but still lots of fun going on here.

Welcome back to contact with 662!
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Re: Nostalgia Post: Anyone remember RAF_Whiskey?

Postby RAF_Raven » Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:42 pm

S! Whiskey

I do remember your name from the CFS1/MSN Gaming Zone days.
I was young also, 15 maybe? My name was RAF_Sniper back then and my squad leader was RAF_OldBuzzard.
Welcome back

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