RAF_Raven please step forward!

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RAF_Raven please step forward!

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:00 pm

S! All,

RAF_Raven please step forward....

For continued excellence in DCS mission building and technical achievement, I'm proud to offer a set of oak leaves to go along with your mission builders patch!

RAF_Raven has implemented several revolutionary concepts into our current DCS WWII server missions, which continue to attract record-breaking crowds. Technical concepts that I've never seen mentioned on forums which RAV has worked tirelessly to test and get working. Chief among them is the server-side shipment of custom icon/labels for AC from server to client. I've never seen nor heard of anyone doing this, and RAV thought outside the box, to get this working!
Excellent achievement RAV, thanks for your work!
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S! :RAFSalute:
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Re: RAF_Raven please step forward!

Postby RAF_Raven » Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:16 pm


Wow thank's DDO! It has been alot of trial and error but the learning experience has been fun :)
I have to give credit to the MOOSE team, they have helped me a-lot and there are so many new things being added I can't keep up with updates!
Thanks for hosting and troubleshooting the missions, couldnt do it without ya! - At this rate, Normandy will be glorious! :mrgreen:


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