Great news DCS Dedicated Server is HERE!!!!

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Great news DCS Dedicated Server is HERE!!!!

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:48 pm



This is an awesome improvement to DCS, we now have a dedicated, and automated DCS server. Prior to this, we had to run the full version of the game (UI and all) on our server machines, and it had to be controlled thru clicks on the GUI (arrg). Thru lots of work, mind you i had tamed that thru some wonky powershell scripts that echo'ed clicks into the game... arrg. but it kinda worked.

Now! That can be controlled hands off, and takes up MUCH less resources on our hosting servers too! For those of you who host DCS missions (like Rav and myself) this is fan-*beep*-tastic!

Our DCS WWII server is now hosting thru the dedicated server mech. It provides us a remote console where we can monitor our game server from anywhere. And, our current scripted tickers, live list, and stats scripting thats already displayed on our home page all still works! so we can continue to provide the high levels of functionality our server guests now enjoy!

Very happy today here!!! We also have auto-powershell scripts that run the server and can restart it with one-click or remote call!, and we have the play tracking, ticker and stats tracking we've always enjoyed.

See this info if you wish to host your own dedicated server.


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