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Delta Squad - Operational Bulletin

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:23 pm

Delta Squad Operational Bulletin:
To all members,

Delta squad will be flying DCS World Online v2.0 Open Alpha (Normandy) plus WWII Asset Packs (latest) on the !=== WWII server ===!. Look for us in the DCS online ready room, and for the OPS reports on our home page to see who's online.

Time: various times.
Location: our own !=== WWII server ===! (in multiplayer room)
AC: p51, Spit mkIX, fw190, bf109, (f86) (post here if you wish to fly other AC, we can bump the mission to add slots)
Comms: TS3 server - See IP on our home page and password (guest)
Situation: Skys of Normandy, PVP, plus MDS dogfights Axis Vs Allies, plus training and flight readiness.

We might venture out onto other public servers, but for now, lets just say the squad is in a state of attaining 'operational readiness' ;-)

Some suggestions for prep:
- you'll need upgraded to the latest DCS version, 2.5.1 Open Beta, Plus the Normandy Map, Plus the WWII asset Pack, and at least one WWII Aircraft.
- you'll need at least one AC from list above
- come ready if you can with controls mapped and some practice, but we'll also help you get acquainted with your ship as well.

All are welcome!
RAF662 CFSG C-in-C


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