Paint for the Spit CW!

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Paint for the Spit CW!

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:05 am

It seems the special clipped edge paint for the clipped wing spit has finally shipped from the Air Ministry, so now we can style! The can is only 1/2 as wide as a normal can ;-).

It looks like you can copy skins from the normal spit folder (C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2.5.1\CoreMods\WWII Units\SpitfireLFMkIX\Liveries\SpitfireLFMkIX) to the new CW folder, edit the description.lua file and good to go as well!

CW skins go in:
C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2.5.1\CoreMods\WWII Units\SpitfireLFMkIX\Liveries\SpitfireLFMkIXCW

And if your copying one from the normal spit to the CW you also have to edit the Description.lua file in each skin folder.

In the description LUA file for each skin, if you copy it from the normal spit folder, edit the livery= section as show in red below... change {"SpitfireIX", to {"SpitfireIX_k" as shown below... don't change anything else

livery = {
{"SpitfireIX_k", 0 ,"Spitfire_RAF_No_662_PRU",false};
{"SpitfireIX_k", 2 ,"SpitfireIX_SPEC",false};

{"NUMBER_L_0", 0 ,"Spitfire_RAF_No_662_PRU",false};
{"NUMBER_L_0", 2 ,"SpitfireIX_SPEC",false};
{"NUMBER_L_0", DECAL ,"empty",true};

Haven't tested extensively, but this seems to work in the model viewer and model map editors just fine!
S! and happy skins,
RAF662 CFSG C-in-C


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