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Normandy Leaderboard Contest!!! JUNE 2018 !=== WWII Server ===!

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 7:19 pm
by RAF_DaddyO
S! All,

To commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, !=== WWII Server ===! will be hosting a Leaderboard contest for the month of June!
We're rolling back the scores and looking for the top scoring pilot for the month of June!

Our server is running DCS 2.5.1 Open Beta, so get geared up and strap in for a month of battle in the bocage!

Here are the rules and scoring logic, so listen up!
- RAF662 WWII server is a gentlemanly place, so, please no strafing landed pilots. Also, please allow adversaries time to Take Off or Land, so no vulching over enemy AF's. Do not attack in the pattern as well. It just makes for more fun all around and less ruffled feathers, and less Kicks for us admins. (now the AI, mind you, they have a will of their own, so watch for them, LOL)
- The map has several task missions on both sides, which can be activated in the F10, sub menus. These include fuel and ammo depots to shoot up, B17's to escort, airfields to attack, guns to silence, comms towers to destroy, convoys to stop, , ships to sink, etc. And points can be scored for destroying these objects, especially trucks, tanks and ships and planes. After you activate one of these tasks in the f10 menu, check the mission map for markers and be sure to turn on the tags. Our intel guys have marked the objectives on the map for you to find them!
- Watch out against being captured, you could end up in a Luft-Stalag, or Allied prison for a while, Raven's cooked up something very unique for those forced down behind the lines. LOL

- Scoring can be checked in game by using -? in chat to see the available commands.
For example entering -stats into the chat window will list your personal stats, and -lb will list the top 10 pilots on the leaderboard.
For the full leaderboard and further intel, visit us here on often!

- Scoring rules: Pilots are scored and ranked in real-time. The scoring system strongly favors pilots who score and return home safely.
- Your AC is expendable, YOU ARE NOT! So plan well, and live to fight another day! Deaths really hurt you, so avoid them. Kinda like in real life, eh? ;-).

Scoring is as follows:
- air kills count 1 for 1,
- ground kills count 10 for 1 (10 ground units destroyed = 1 air kill)
- ship kills count 1 for 4 (1 ship = 4 air kills)
- sorties (successful return landing from flight) count 5 for 1 (5 landings = 1 air kill)
- friendly kills will cost you -3 air kills! (so be sure before you fire)
- Total points above are then divided by total deaths. Death = actual pilot death. Bailouts are neutral.
If you don't die bailouts don't count against you. We presume you'll be picked up by friendly forces roaming Normandy and be returned to the fight on your side.

Winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Normandy...just kidding!... Winner gets universal bragging rights AND...
....a free customized Champion's skin. I'll get my paint gun out, and provide a customized skin using the base skin of your choice, and complete it with your name, rank, kill marks and squadron insignia of your choosing!

Judges will be Myself and Raven...all rulings are final, I'm a non-attorney spokes-person, etc, etc, and so forth...

:RAFSalute: S! and Good Hunting Chaps!

Re: Normandy Leaderboard Contest!!! JUNE 2018 !=== WWII Server ===!

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:53 pm
by RAF_DaddyO

Since W.C.'s caught word that I was flying offensive combat over the continent,... and out scoring a lot of our best, younger and not as good looking pilots too, I might add. :o

For the sake of morale, he's banished me to flying armed-recon only. I'll have you know, I do intend to protect myself whilst doing so.
But now's the chance, I'm off offensive ops having set the tone.

Come on you lot, you better catch my score. And be quick about it. I already have my own AC painter ;-))
RAF Pilots I expect a good show!

The gauntlets been tossed! ;)

Re: Normandy Leaderboard Contest!!! JUNE 2018 !=== WWII Server ===!

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:12 pm
by RAF_DaddyO
Ok, now we're getting somewhere! The competition is starting to heat up.
Slacks' taken the lead, with a 12/0 showing in just under 1 hr's work. Now that's the kinda pilot efficiency we need! But he's not outta reach by any means. You guys just gotta take some risks out there! Remember a boat is worth 4 kills! (hint). But slow and steady (and returning to base) can win this race too! There's lots of points to be scored in shootin up ground targets too!
Keep battling out there!

Re: Normandy Leaderboard Contest!!! JUNE 2018 !=== WWII Server ===!

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:59 pm
by RAF_DaddyO
this just in... TWC-Taipan, has just unseated Slack as the new leader. The race is heating up folks, stay tuned to this channel for any further developments.