DCS 2.5 Beta and mission stats scripting - DCS Pilots on Ops is back!

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DCS 2.5 Beta and mission stats scripting - DCS Pilots on Ops is back!

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:29 pm

Hi all,

FYI - our Pilots On Ops report with SRS radio integration is back online! Running on 2.5 Beta...
Be advised, however, the DCS Operations Report (leader-board) is still stale and about to be reworked ;-<.

After the experience with 2.2 alpha and our performance problems, i'm convinced of two things:
- some of the problems where ED induced!, and...
- some of them were self-inflicted by us using and tapping into the SLMOD scripting envronment to do our own mission control and stats tracking!

SLMOD while a great piece of work, was VERY VERY heavy-handed on game resources, game frame/tic-sucking, and memory!

So... i'm going rogue! I'm starting to write my own (DDO-home brew) scripting/stats and server control environment for our server, that is MUCH MUCH more light weight and gives us the online tracking we need:
- pilots on ops lists, tapped into simple radio (showing the freq, and if a pilot is online and using simple radio)
- stats tracking (kills, deaths, etc.)
(i'm not sure i'm going to do shots fired as this is very high overhead - but we'll at least bring back kills/death ratio, etc.)

I'm getting the online pilots list up and running now, and have some success resurrecting the simple game heartbeat and mission-start, pilot slot events!
So watch this space, i'll slowly build back the online eventing system, to our page as well so that we have stats again.

(Unfortunately, the prior SLMOD 2.2 stats list will be going 'bye-bye' i think. )

I'm also going to build into the stats an idle timer, so for instance if you don't log into our server in a month... your stats will be erased! To keep volumes down.

Anyway, i'm feeling comfortable enough with LUA now to go my own way, and start this process, free from the shackle of SL MOD, so hopefully when v2.5 production is released we're back in business for stats tracking.

Stats tracking, i think is very key to promote interest and competition, as you can accumulate a score, chase the leader board, and we can run things like monthly stats contests, etc.!

RAF662 CFSG C-in-C


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