DCS World 2.0 Normandy Graphics Settings

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DCS World 2.0 Normandy Graphics Settings

Postby RAF_DaddyO » Mon May 29, 2017 7:06 pm

S! all,

Rav and I and our DCS friends out there continue to tune our rigs against the new 2.0 open alpha and Normandy map. We're running a free flight server test now, so folks can tune up and get acquainted. The new map and updates look amazing!!

I believe I've just hit upon a NICE combo of settings for my rig, and wanted to post them so others can get a leg-up on tuning and working on their settings.
I think with the right settings, v2.0 Open Alpha is playing at least as good if not better than v1.5. So wanted to start a thread here to help>

Rav and i just did a great formation TO, and flight across the map, and i was getting: 40-60fps on the ground, 50-60 and but mostly 60fps for the whole flight.
It was fantastic, especially flying formation with that kind of smoothness!

My Rig:
GPU - GEForce GTX 1060, 3gb, clock: 1632 Mhz, driver 328.33
CPU - AMD FX- 4170 Quad core processor - 4.21Ghz
RAM - 16.00 GB
Win7/64 Bit OS

UPDATE! One important setting... shown below as ON (deferred shading), there might be issues with this. With it ON, the land and see look great, but
(We've noticed problems with many of the skins not displaying right if this is ON< so, ... take your pick. On balance Raven and I decided to leave it on, cause
the landscape looks much better. We did notice sporatic issues with the shadows on the p51 skins for instance with it on, but these seemed to clear up as you played in game more? odd but true.)

My graphics in Game settings are below:
dcs 2017-05-29 14-49-10.png
dcs 2017-05-29 14-49-24.png
dcs 2017-05-29 14-49-46.png
here's a couple of shots of our formation flying:

dcs 2017-05-29 14-12-53.png
dcs 2017-05-29 14-10-56.png
RAF662 CFSG C-in-C


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