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"Per Amicitiam Valere"  (translation:  "friendship above all")


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About Us:

Founded in 1999, the RAF662 Combat Flight Simulator Group is one of the longest serving online combat flight simulator groups.  Starting with Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (CFS), and moving to mastery of IL2, DCS world, and Battle of Stalingrad.  We're continually looking to push the envelope of flight sims, improve our skills and have a good time recreating history!  We primarily gravitate toward WWII historical action, but we also have strong interests in the Great War (with Rise of Flight), as well as the recent developments of the jet age.  We fly online combat against other squads and individuals as well as theater-based historical simulation missions against ourselves.  We do airshows, and competitions as well with our online colleagues.  We're always keeping up to date.  Lately we've also expanded into tanks with World of Tanks, and we retain a strong and respected online presence in the sim community.  Founded on teamwork, camaraderie and helping others.

The RAF662 CFSG is always on the lookout for outstanding ladies and gentlemen! The RAF662 is an international group of flight and online sim enthusiasts that has squads in nearly every time zone and continent and ever expanding interests in just about every online game genre. The RAF662 accepts pilots and drivers of any ability, and has a long standing tradition of member service, teamwork, and teaching online sim'ing. We also have a darn good time doing it too!

History of the Real 662 Squadron:

RAF No.662 Squadron was formed at Old Sarum on 30 September 1943 and moved to Normandy on 24 June 1944, being disbanded on 15 December 1945. It reformed at Colerne on 1 February 1949 as a unit of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, also operating a flight at Middle Wallop. On 10 March 1957, the squadron was disbanded.

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